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"Cinnamon Toast Cereal made from Four Nutritious Grains"

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It's said that Croonchy Stars were conceived by Muppets creator Jim Henson. A life-long fan of breakfast cereal, Henson liked the idea of fitting as much fun and nonsense on a cereal box as space would allow.

The cereal box listed its ingredients on the side panel, as with most other food products, including a few exemptions: no trombones, no broccoli, no shoe trees and no wheelbarrows. Some of the names considered for the product included Oople-Sauceys, Croonchy Poofs, Moopettes, and Stoopid Flakes.

The back of the box featured ridiculous, and sometimes unsolvable, games and puzzles, including a "memory-type card game" on every box.

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Mascot[edit | edit source]

The Swedish Chef

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Marketing[edit | edit source]

This cereal was described on the box as "the truly wholesome cereal in the truly ridiculous box."

Additional text on the box declared: "At last! It's Cinnamonnamony", "Live! From the Muppet Test Kitchen", and "No batteries necessary!"

The back of the box offered the following "Eating Directions" from the cereal's mascot, The Swedish Chef:

  • Place cereal in bowl (remove from box first)
  • Pour milk into bowl
  • Place spoon in bowl
  • Place cereal on spoon
  • Place spoon in mouth
  • Place teeth in cereal
  • Repeat repeatedly

1992 Croonchy Stars Cereal Commercial

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