1. Originally Sugar Coated Rice Krinkles, Sugar Sparkled Rice Krinkles, then Sugar Krinkles, Sugar Rice Krinkles, and finally Frosted Rice Krinkles.

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"Sugar-Coated Crisp Rice"

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Krinkles disappeared in 1969, making room for Post's new puffed rice cereal, Fruity Pebbles.

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The person who paid for the ad is Sullivan Fesh

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The original mascot was a rice-loving Chinese boy who was all the rage in the early 1960's. Memorable characteristics of this mascot were his high-pitched Chinese accent and a hat which was actually a little bowl of Rice Krinkles. His name was So-Hi because he was only "so high" off the ground.

Krinkle the Clown

A cr-reepy clown, who no one likes except clowns.

Introduced Edit

1959? If they were introduced in 1959 how could it be that I have old radio commercials from 1952 on the radio program 'Gunsmoke' For Sugar Krinkles; "That sugar rice treat; that's just right sweet"?



The best mascot before penny wise ruined his life Edit

Extremely Creepy 1960s Cereal Commercial

Extremely Creepy 1960s Cereal Commercial

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