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"The Crunchy Four Grain Flake Cereal"

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The cereal was introduced as Team Flakes in 1963. In the early 70's, the word "flake" was removed from the large title on the box, although the cereal was still often referred to as Team Flakes in smaller text on the box.

Team made the claim that it stayed crunchier in milk than the leading wheat, corn or oat flake.

The sentence "Team Flakes stays crunchier right to the bottom of the bowl" appeared prominently on multiple boxes.

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Marketing[edit | edit source]

This cereal was declared on boxes as "the four grain energy cereal that powers the pros!"

Team cereal was described in detail on the back of a box in 1977:

"Four grains in every flake. That's why more and more people are switching to TEAM flakes."TEAM's four grains give you:

"GREAT TASTE. The taste of TEAM Flakes appeals to cereal lovers of all ages because each crunch flake is a delicious blend of four separate grains - rice, wheat, corn and oats. Together, those four grains give you a one-of-a-kind taste no other cereal can offer.

"NUTRITION. Cereals have long been recognized by nutritionists as an important part of a healthful diet. With each TEAM Flake you get the nutritional benefits of four cereal grains - rice, wheat, corn and oats. TEAM Flakes are also fortified with essential vitamins and iron.

"CRUNCHINESS THAT NEVER LASTS. TEAM Flakes actually stays crunchy in milk longer than the leading wheat, corn or oat flake. That's because TEAM starts with wheat, corn and oats and then blends in lots of crispy rice for long-lasting crunch. That's why TEAM Flakes stays crunchier right to the bottom of the bowl!"



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