Description[edit | edit source]

"Sweetened Cereal Artificial Vanilla Wafer Flavor"

Notes[edit | edit source]

Cookie Jarvis presided over three versions of Cookie Crisp: Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisp, Vanilla Wafer Cookie Crisp, and Oatmeal Cookie Crisp.

Company[edit | edit source]


Mascot[edit | edit source]

Cookie Jarvis

Introduced[edit | edit source]

circa 1977

Discontinued[edit | edit source]

circa 1985

Marketing[edit | edit source]

In the commercials, with one wave of his wand, Cookie Jarvis magically turned cereal bowls into cookie jars, usually chanting rhyming incantations along with it.


Cookie Crisp ad, 1980

Other Varieties[edit | edit source]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisp, Oatmeal Cookie Crisp, Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Cookie Crisp Sprinkles, Cookie Crisp Brownie

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